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Monday, August 10, 2009

I came, I tri-ed, I "conquered" ... now what?

It's been an interesting week since the race. Had caffeine in some fashion nearly ever day, two yoga classes, bike commuted once, swam 35 minutes, and danced my behind off at a wedding. That's it, though. I hadn't intended to take a week off, but that's essentially what happened. A nice respite from trying to do the 3/2/1 (runs/bikes/swim per week) - that felt pretty confining towards the end. Routine is nice and all, but I did routine starings at the black line of a pool for 13 years and I was interested in some variety and flexibility. Thought triathlon training would provide that - and it did to some extent - but I still felt constricted. Regardless, I don't have anything to train for (yet), so now working out will probably feel rather pointless. There's something to be said for simple fitness maintenance, but then again, there's a lot to be said for having a date written down on the calendar as a goal. 

I tossed around the idea of doing a half-mary; after all, I did a 12 mile run unintentionally earlier this spring (long story). Almost signed up for one with my friend until we got some serious sticker shock at the entry fees. As I don't have a car, I'm pretty limited in where I can go for a race, so if a friend is interested in one and they have a car, I always look into it. Tossed around the idea of trying to beat my PR in the 5k, which seems the most likely option right now, but I think I need to convince a different friend to do it for pacing purposes. Tossed around the idea of the Stockade-athon (a 15k race in my hometown), but it is on a weekend too close to Thanksgiving and not worth an entire trip home. I'll do it someday, it's on the list of 100 Things The Furmanator Should Do Before She Bites The Dust. 

I'm also considering taking a month off running. Focusing on my yoga. Building my cycling endurance, as I plan on applying to Bike & Build for next summer. I noticed today during yoga that after a week of not running, my hamstrings and hip flexors responded much faster to the stretches. I had my best downward dogs yet, and I even did a half-moon pose! I also am considering joining a local water polo club, but my skills are a little rusty, so we'll see.

I guess the point of this entry was to say that even though I finished the triathlon, I'll keep the blog going. I may only have 1-2 readers, but it's nice to have a record of life and thoughts. I also have some (potentially provocative) things to say regarding urban planning and Cleveland. Can't quite shut me up yet. :)

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  1. See I feel the same way about routine! Like I was so ready to have some flexibility in my life but I guess not yet. :) I don't think anyone can understand unless they've been there in the same place with that date looming but still want some freedom and like I just feel so conflicted!