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Monday, August 3, 2009

Cleveland Triathlon: Results

Thanks to Amy, who managed to find the results online a whole two days ahead of schedule:

Swim: 10:54 (includes T1), swimming about 1:30-1:36/100m (very approx... and slow)
Bike: 1:02:08, riding about 15.5 mph.
T2: 1:12
Run: 25:58, holding around an 8:23 mile.
Total: 1:40:11, or 6/18 in my age group, or 100/288 (or 100/292 if you count the 4 DNFs).

With improvements to my cycling speed (through training and through equipment upgrades), and increases in my running endurance, I could see an Olympic distance triathlon in my future.

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