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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Good-bye summer, hello insanity

Tomorrow is the first day of class, and I'm already double-booked. This semester is going to be absolutely off the hook:
  • 20 hrs/wk at graduate assistantship
  • Full course load, including a time-intensive independent study creating a neighborhood plan for Birdtown in Lakewood (which is kinda a haul to get to).
  • 10 hrs/wk other projects
  • Downtown Cleveland Alliance City Advocate program
  • President of CSU/APA, our student chapter of the American Planning Association
  • Half-mary training
  • Applications for whatever the heck I end up doing after graduation
So, please forgive me if I post infrequently. I'll do the best I can, but merely staying afloat would be a success in itself. :)


  1. crazy crazy crazy! well you know when you ever need to vent, i'm here to listen. :)