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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Get lost: On how to turn a 40 minute run into an 1:45 one

I'd like to share an amusing anecdote from this past week. I had roped my friend into going for a run with me Tuesday night. On the half-mary schedule was a 40 minute moderate run (after switching the schedule around). He living about equi-distant as me from this little bridge over one of the lakes in Shaker Heights, we decided to meet up there around 7pm. To keep things simple, we decided to do 20 minutes up the road on the northern side of the park (aptly named North Park), then turn around and head back.

So we cruise up North Park, up around the second lake, and followed what we thought was North Park straight across an intersection. We keep running until we hit 20 minutes. As there were a ton of people mowing their lawns on North Park, we decided to walk a little bit, as I'm allergic to grass and it was bothering my asthma. So as we are walking down the street, all of a sudden we come to the intersection of North Park and another street. Whaa? Weren't we on North Park? Numerous attempts to head back in the correct direction all ended up looping us around to the same location. Once we finally thought we were going in the right direction, we then realized we were actually headed in the exact wrong direction. This time, however, we found ourselves on a major road in Shaker Heights, this one a straight road with no weird turns! Finally, an hour and forty five minutes later we got back. Crazy! Silly Van Sweringen brothers and their loopy plan for Shaker.

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