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Friday, December 4, 2009

Really awesome bike links round-up, volume 1

A little while ago, I promised a whole bunch of things. Interview with Amy from Kona, a round-up of bike-related links and I probably promised more frequent posting. My dearest readers, I have failed on all three fronts. So from now on, I won't promise you anything so we can maintain the low expectations I set up in the inagural post here on Total Furmanation.

But... I do want to try this bike link round-up. At least once. So here is Volume 1 (with zero promises for a Volume 2 or higher):

For all cyclists,
Tips for Happy Riding

For the tech geeks,
iPhone app for Bike Commuting:

For the ladies, and all the men who want their ladies to ride, too:
Why More Women Don't Ride Bikes (And What We Can Do About It)

For those of you not nauseated by shameless self-promotion,
My Bike & Build Profile & Donation Page

For Cleveland cyclists and those in favor of complete streets and equal access for cyclists (that should be EVERYBODY regardless of your current geographic locale):
Open Minds and Open Access: Bike/Ped Access on the Innerbelt Bridge:
Please consider attending the rally, speaking at NOACA's board mtg (because I can't), or writing a letter. You can write a letter even if you don't live here... just saying. It would make my life better to be able to have another point of access to the west side of Cleveland, and that is not just limited to me. It's only fair that ODOT gives us cyclists and pedestrians equal access. You may not be a cyclist, but you've definitely been a pedestrian before, so everyone should care.

If you've a sweet bike-related link to share with me and my millions of readers (ha), shoot me an email. heather.h.furman [at]


  1. I'm interested to hear your take on the point made in the Infrastructurist post about women not bicycling because of "the deterrent of unwelcome male attention that often accompanies Riding When Female." Does that actually happen?

  2. @Rob,
    That has never happened to me, to be honest. But my friend has had guys say stuff to her. I think my biggest anti-female bias experience is in the clothing companies. I can buy jerseys and bike shorts, but when it comes to companies making like "bike pants" that still look like work pants, they never make stuff for girls!! Or it will be like one token shirt or something. I think someone should make fashionable clothes that are tailored for cycling and sturdy enough to take the use. Or make stuff like a pannier that could be converted to a fashionable over the shoulder bag. Helps solve the purse problem.

  3. A couple of local bloggers have said that the NOACA Governing Board will be making a decision on the Innerbelt Bridge at their December 11 meeting. This is incorrect.

    ODOT's presentation will be a project status update for information only. There is no resolution on the agenda. It's our understanding that ODOT won't be discussing the bike/pedestrian issue due to pending legal action.

    Public comment is always welcome. You can find NOACA's public meeting comment policies on our website:

    Jonathan Giblin