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Friday, September 4, 2009

Friday 5: More Less

The Friday 5 is a meme where one answers the same five questions as everyone else who is participating. Please see for one example, but there are other ones as well. Maybe this will be a regular feature on my blog, maybe it won't!

1.) In what way this week were you reckless? Riding my bicycle at night, apparently. Despite being decked out like a Christmas Tree with blinky lights, a giant black SUV almost plowed me over. But I think they may have been doing it on purpose to antagonize me.
2.) In what way this week were you shameless? Well, I shamelessly plugged for our student chapter of the American Planning Association. We had 46 people at our first meeting... meaning we have about 50-odd members. Last year, we had maybe 35-40 members?
3.) In what way this week were you fearless? I managed to lead the whole meeting for APA, despite being terrified of public speaking.
4.) In what way this week were you thoughtless? A myriad of tiny things, but I did get irritated with someone because I didn't know that the letter had been sent. (I hurt my hip, and to get outside of my network health care coverage, I need to have a letter from the doctor to the health insurance company. Ridiculous, I know.)
5.) In what way this week were you doubtless? I'm not even sure what they mean by doubtless. How is it different than fearless?

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