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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

This just in: All registered

I finally put the plastic down and ponied up for the Cleveland Triathlon this morning. Experienced a bit of sticker shock... but I did have to pay extra to join USAT for the day. Anyways, no backing out now. Time to put my head down, keep training, taper a teensy bit, and be on the starting line by the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame at 7:25am on Aug 2 ready to race.

That being said, training between now and the race is going to be interesting. I have an incredibly bizarre schedule now that we started the driving portion of my internship. Basically we spend about 6-7 hours in a car spread out over three time periods (morning rush, midday off peak, and evening rush) in one day. This is repeated 3x: Tuesday-Thursday. I end up working about 10-11 hour days. I can squeeze in a tiny workout, but there's just not a long enough break between driving shifts. It is... less than fun, but it's only for this summer. I am also traveling home sans bicycle for a 10 day stay in the great upstate New York. Guess I'll just have to focus on running and swimming!

The last weekend I am at home - the one of July 26 - is my friend Amy's first Ironman in Lake Placid! We volunteered at it last year so I've seen it before, but I'm excited to see her race. Someone to look for out on the course! Look for a blur on a Felt bike, that's probably Amy.

When I go back to Cleveland it'll be only a few days before the tri!

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  1. Can't wait to get out of here and see you! We should go swim in Mirror Lake.

    I really hope it doesn't rain.