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Friday, July 31, 2009

Planning a Triathlon: Nutrition Strategy

I can't help it; there's a reason why I am studying urban planning. I love plans. City plans, race plans, Friday evening plans: all are great in my book. As the Cleveland Triathlon rapidly approaches (race is on Sunday!), it's time to plan it out. And just as a good city plan involves many facets (transportation, housing, environment, etc.), so must a triathlon plan.

First off is the nutrition. This may only be a sprint triathlon, and I may have been a distance swimmer, but a 19 minute 1650 (I swam DIII for a reason, okay?!) as my longest race is now seeming nice and short next to what might be up to a two hour long race for me. After consulting Amy, this is how it is going to go:
  • Clif bar and/or Larabar for breakfast and some fruit (banana?) and soymilk
  • 1 gel, post-swim
  • Drink a 1:1 mixture of Gatorade and water during bike
  • Eat Gu Chomps during bike
  • Depending on how feel, 1 gel before run
  • Drink water at the run aid station
Post-race? Something tasty and hopefully not sweet! I'm reading this over and it's all sugar, sugar, sugar. 

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