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Monday, July 6, 2009

Get lost: When 2 turns into 3.5

In honor of our country's birthday, the powers-that-be deemed we get Friday off at work. The prospect of an entire day off begged the question: what to do? The weather finally cooperated, so I decided to spend some quality time with Jay, my 1981 Peugeot PH8 touring bike. I intended to ride for 2 hours, maybe 2.5.

Well, apparently my subconscious had other plans for me, because as I was toodling around the Chagrin River Valley area, I managed to take a wrong turn. Me! The one who studies maps of the area all day at work! I ended up riding another 1.5 hours due to my wrong turn for a total of 3.5 hours of riding. I even had to stop for directions (and re-fueling by that point). When I had some weird premonition to bring cash with me (I normally don't encounter any convenience stores or the like), I should have known something was up. As Amy pointed out, apparently I made up for all my days off due to rain this week!

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